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I first realised I had an interest in furniture making towards the end of 2015, when a move of house brought about a requirement for some much needed new furniture. I’d always taken enjoyment in making things; simple origami as a kid turned into modular origami made from many pieces of interlocking paper; Lego and puzzles and build your own kits using plywood to create varying objects always held a certain amount of fascination. The need to make things with my hands had always been there.

After knocking together some pieces of furniture out of 2×4 structural timber, and wanting to hone my skills further, I signed up for a traditional furniture making class in mid 2016, where I would learn the fundamentals of traditional joinery, the basics of the most popular types of American timbers, and how much satisfaction could come from taking a few planks of wood and turning it into something functional.

Fast forward to 2019. After a couple of successful attempts at making pieces of furniture and cheeseboards as gifts, I decided it was time to invest into the discipline of woodworking, so I signed up to a shared woodworking space in Abbotsford, and started creating.

Born from this came Xylo. With my heritage being half Greek, and ‘xylo’ in Greek translating to ‘wood’, the choice of name felt appropriate. Xylo’s ethos is to use predominantly Australian timbers in a way that shows off exactly what our beautiful land has to offer. Simplicity in design, reclaimed where possible, and finessed into something that can be kept, used, loved, and admired forever. I hope you love the products as much as I have loved creating them.

Xylo Workshop

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